Orchid Conservation - Making the links

The 5th International Congress on Orchid Conservation follows on from the successful congresses held in Perth (Western Australia) in 2001, Sarasota (Florida) in 2004, San José (Costa Rica) in 2007 and  Hluboka (Czech Republic) in 2010. 

The orchid family is the largest family of flowering plants, and many species rely on a complex set of interactions for their survival. Their seeds cannot germinate without a relationship with a fungus and many have very specific pollinators. In a changing world, conserving orchids presents huge challenges as not all of the interactions will be affected in the same way by global change, habitat degradation etc. For this reason, we have decided to make «Ochid Conservation – making the links » the theme of the Congress. We expect that more than one hundred experts from around the world will attend the Congress, and with this gathering of expertise, we will be able to make some real progress towards the goal of conserving the orchids of the world.

We encourage contributions on the main topic (Orchid Conservation – making the links), but results from any other field are also welcome – we will have about 10 sessions, in which each orchid enthusiast will find a niche, we believe. We are sure that each of the sessions will strongly contribute to the common message of the congress, as it is time for a synthesis approach, where various lines of investigation are examined with the goal of defining gaps and future initiatives. 

The congress venue is in a beautiful hotel, in Saint-Denis. The hotel is built on the ill above the town and benefit a nice pool and a nice sea view. The site implanted with a tropical vegetation and is very quiet. 

Field trips to orchid-rich sites in Reunion Island will also be offered. We will show you examples of typical orchid habitats and you will speak with managers, who are in charge of the preservation of the world natural heritage. A post congress field trip in Madagascar will also be possible.

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